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Use 1080P On YouTube With This APK. | YouTube 480P Problem Fix 100%


YouTube for Android has now lowered the maximum streaming quality for content in India to just 480p as the country has now gone into full lockdown.

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, many nations around the globe are now putting citizens on lockdown to help prevent the spread of the virus. Because of that, global internet infrastructure is having to bear the brunt of potentially billions of people spending more time surfing, streaming, and browsing. With that in mind, it seems that since nationwide lockdowns were enforced, the YouTube Android app will now only stream at a maximum

 resolution of 480p

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These restrictions appear to be rolling out regionally, with most reports centering in Mumbai and Delhi, while cities like Bangalore and areas of Gujarat, so far appear to be free of these restrictions (though these may very well get the same restrictions in the coming hours and days). The restrictions are in place irrespective of your internet connection and its quality, so it does not matter whether you are on mobile data (4G LTE) or on Wi-Fi.

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YouTube has not yet communicated anything on these new restrictions. A maximum ceiling of 480p Standard Definition appears to be rather harsh, and 720p would have been a much more pleasant middle-ground. While we understand that the step taken is likely in the interest of the general public and to alleviate the avoidable load on the internet infrastructure, we do feel that 480p is just too low to be considered a feasible maximum for pleasant user experience. 

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