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How To Remove 5 Minutes Trial From Oppo Theme | 5 Minutes Trial Fix Oppo Themes

 5 Minutes Trial Remove From Oppo Theme -

Whenever we use any theme from 3rd party site, we face an issue of 5 minutes trial theme. This is so much frustrating while using any theme. 

But we have a solution to fix 5 minutes trial from any oppo theme permanently

Even you can use any paid oppo theme or oppo fonts from official oppo theme store. We have very easy way to use fonts or theme for free permanently. 

Here are the step to follow, If you really want to remove 5 minutes trial or to use free theme store from oppo device, just follow these steps. 

Steps To Fix 5 Minutes Trial From Oppo Theme - 

• First you have to download Set Edit App from here [  Download ]

• Now download any theme or font from oppo theme store or from any third party site and apply it. 

• Than just close the theme store app from recent apps. 

• Now just press theme store app and wait a second, than click on app info option.  

• Than Force Stop the theme store app, than go to storage option and clear the cache and clear the data. 

• Now open the set edit app, and scroll down to P alphabets lines, there you will a line [Persist.sys.trial.theme] this line is for theme or [Persist.sys.trial.font] for fonts. 

• Now on line and there you will se an option of Edit Value, just click there and edit the value, there will be 1 edit it to 0 . And do save changes. 

• Now close the app and restart your device and enjoy the permanently theme and fonts.  

Remember - If you wil again open theme store app, you will again face the problem of 5 minutes trial, so don't open, till you want to change the theme. 

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