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Color OS 12 Theme For Oppo, Color OS 12 Theme Download Link


Color OS 12 Theme For All Oppo - 

Here is the color os 12 theme for all oppo, by applying this theme you will be able to experience color os 12 feel in you any oppo device. 

Color OS 12 Theme Changes -

After applying this theme, you will se many changes like. 

- Home Screen

- Notification Panel

- Lock Screen

- Home Screen

- Settings 

How To Apply Color OS 12 Theme In Your Oppo Devices - 

Download This from from Here - Download

After downloading the theme, open your phone's my files app, than go to download folder, and find the color os 12 theme file. 

After that click on theme file and click on try now. 

By doing this you will be able to apply this theme in your phone, its very easy process. 

To make this theme permanent watching below video. 

5 Minutes Trial Remove 100%

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