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Color OS 13 Images Leaked On Internet | Color OS 13 Screenshot Leaked | Color OS 13 Supported Devices List

After releasing color OS 12 people people are waiting for colour West 13 as the all know that Color OS 13 is coming with lots of amazing features, which will amaze you, so in this blog I will show you some leaked image of color OS 13 which is leak by Chinese media and it is 100% legit screenshot of Color OS 13.
In Color OS 12 we have seen that Oppo has mainly focused on user interface and users security and privacy.
 But according to some lakes this time oppo is going to mainly focus on their features.
In this legs we are seen that they are trying to provide us some amazing features like folder and widget feature.


Like in this screenshot you can see the size of folder which is normally bigger than previous one from color OS 12. This time you users will be able to add more apps in folder , and without going into folder , users can open app without going into folder. It will be convenient for color OS users.

It's also the leaked screen of Color OS 13 which is showing the some useful widgets , which is going to come with this OS.

Here Are The Some More Leaked Screenshot Of Color OS 13 -

In china Color OS 13 Beta version is going to release from next month July .

It's an assumption that In India It will release from the end of this year.

Color OS 13 Supported Devices List -

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